Mel and Gerry saw the traffic about business blogs are serious. Hence, meaning many people want to know how to start a business, how to handle a successful entrepreneurs journey. So they start to create this entrepreneur blog sites. To help more people to learn more about the different business that will fit for each of them. Also, how to handle their employees and many other topics related to business. They were amazed at the growth of the site with less budget and people don’t want to interrupt their searching.


By then they thought that it was time to make the marketing and sales process human. Its time to build a team and help people achieve their business goals in a more personable and emphatic way. Thus, with only two people who started the site now with many connections in the different business industry. Also, their marketing research and other business expert collaborate to deliver the best tips about business.


They saw how people are eager now to have their own business meaning they don’t want to be an employee by others. But to their own employee and to have their own time to work and not. With the site, they created people will inspire to search more ways on how to start their own business. From small to a large line of business they will able to learn to do’s and don’ts of each business.


With less than a decade of delivering articles, we are able to help people in different nations to start their own business. And inspire others to continue and strive more to build a strong business. In this way, we achieve the recognition of being the best entrepreneur blogs for two consecutive years. In essence, we will keep on searching and study deeper about business and marketing to give more ideas to all our viewers and readers.